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Emanuela Evangelista – TgPop interview

Mar 09, 2020 by Red E Category: Press 0 comments

Emanuela Evangelista speaking of her commitment to environmental protection, the protection of indigenous peoples and the fight against deforestation in the Brasilian Amazon Forest.

An interview with Emanuela Evangelista on how preserving the forest can be a profitable business

“I like to talk about marketing the beauty of the Amazon,” explains Evangelista, who lives in Xixuaú with her husband Francisco, a hunter-fisherman-gatherer married 7 years ago. “The ecological alarm should not make us forget all the healthy part of the Amazon: a great opportunity for those who live there”. Thus the first initiatives of […]

Saving the Amazon with community-based eco-tourism

Oct 31, 2019 by Red E Category: Press 0 comments Tags: ecotourism

The Swiss magazine Il Corriere degli italiani recently interviewed Amazônia Onlus president Emanuela Evangelista on the activities the association is carrying out in the Xixuaù region. The situation in the Amazon is critical: fires undermining the existence of the forest, lack of view of the crucial importance it has in contrasting global warming. In this […]

Xixuaú is now a protected area

Jul 02, 2018 by Red E Category: News, Press 0 comments

The Italian magazine L’Espresso publishes a reportage on the important step of the Brazilian Government for the preservation of the Amazon Forest. An intact forest area equal to the extent of Trentino acquires the status of protected reserve. Inhabited by about 1,000 natives, the region was thus torn from the danger of deforestation. We are […]

An Italian woman fighting for the Amazon forest and people

Feb 24, 2018 by News red Category: Press 0 comments

Discover the fascinating story of Emanuela Evangelista in the Amazon forest! An interesting article on the Belgian magazine L’Echo to discover Xixuaú, Emanuela,