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How we work for Goal #1: End poverty in all its forms everywhere

Xixuau Amazon Ecolodge pursues the Sustainable Development Goals! How we work for Goal #1:  End poverty in all its forms everywhere In 2009, with the twofold objective of preserving the region and offering new economic opportunities to its inhabitants, our partner Amazônia Onlus promoted the creation of a local cooperative at Xixuaú, in the Lower […]

The wonderful flooded Amazon forest

Large areas of forest are submerged in the Jauaperi Reserve, where the level of the rivers is rising, making the landscape even more fascinating! Every year the forests in the Amazon are covered with water that overflows from the riverbed. This phenomenon, caused by heavy seasonal rains, forms the largest system of alluvial forests on […]

Un nouveau chemin pour les invités des Xixuau Amazon Ecolodge

Amazonia Onlus soutient l’écotourisme communautaire à Xixuau également par des travaux de maintenance et d’amélioration du Xixuau Amazon Ecolodge. Récemment, nous avons créé un nouveau chemin reliant les bungalows à la communauté de Maloca, point de départ de

A new protected forest in the Brazilian Amazon

The native inhabitants of the Brazilian Amazon are celebrating a new protected forest! On the 5th of June, World Environment Day, 581,173 hectares of forest around Xixuaú were granted legal protection. The area, more than half the size of Jamaica, integrates an important corridor of conservation units and is a key area to tackle climate […]

The wonder of the amazon wildlife

Some curious and nice animals spotted around our village Xixuaú. The Amazon forest is home to an incredible diversity of plant and animal life.

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