Discover the Amazon forest and river activities

Discover the Amazon forest and river activities.
Trekking, canoeing, camping, swimming. Experiencing the cultural heritage of Xixuaú, in the heart of the Amazon forest.

During your stay at Xixuaú you are offered day and night-time  forest and river activities: expeditions by canoe, with local guides, to explore the igapó and igarapé (flooded forest and labyrinthine creeks).

You can trek in the forest, swim in the river and camp overnight. In addition to the stunning range of vegetation, you will get to see birds (parrots, toucans, birds of prey and many others), the endangered giant river otter, grey and pink river dolphins, caimans, and various kinds of monkeys. You may even see jaguars, anteaters, armadillos, sloths and much more.

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Depending on the season of the year you can observe local activities such as the collection of Brazil nuts or the release of baby turtles. During the high water season (April to September) you can enjoy floating through the flooded forest in a canoe – a magical experience. When the waters go down (October to February), beautiful beaches emerge with fine sand and crystal water.

Furthermore, you can spend your time at the village, gaining insights into the local culture. You can experience and participate, learning handcrafting with the forest seeds, making your own farinha (manioc) or simply spending time with the kids at school.


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The staff and your local guide will tailor everyday at the Xixuau to you. To make every day a memorable one.

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