Special trips promote a deeper knowledge of the Amazon rainforest in the Xixuaú region.


Photography, TV and documentary teams are particularly attracted to Xixuaú because of its crystal clear waters and rich biodiversity. We welcome those teams and offer complete organization, logistics and local specialized guides. Xixuaú’s vast experience includes works with BBC, CNN, National Geographic and Cousteau Ocean Future Society.

We also favour scientific research that can contribute to sustainable livelihoods as well as promote the conservation of forest biodiversity and ecosystem services.We believe that the active involvement of local people and their profound knowledge of the Amazon is fundamental for scientific research projects. Participatory research can also help the communities to develop new skills on sustainably managing their natural resources as well as to identify new opportunities for generating realistic levels of income from them.


A magic trip to the Buritizal, the heaven of Aras

Called the “tree of life” by Amazonian natives, the Buriti palm reaches majestic heights and produces a uniquely ridged yellow fruit.

Located North of the Xiparinã creek, in an area of intact primary forest, a vast Buritizal can be reached with a 6-9 day trip from May to July, when it shelters hundreds of Aras, colorful parrots that can reach up to 90 cm.

During the trip you will canoe along small rivers, cristal-clear lakes and areas of flooded forest.
A challenging trip for few adventurous travellers!
Amazon Ecotourism Trip
Amazon Ecotourism Trip

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