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You’ll be hosted in Xixuaú, a native village in the Brazilian region of the Jauaperi  River, in nice private wooden bungalows.

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Tours and activities

Get ready for night and day excursions by canoe, exploring the Igapó and Igarapé, go trekking in the forest or fishing and camping overnight. With expert local guides.

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WWF and the Lonely Planet guide recommend the Xixuaú as one of the best destinations in the Amazon. Discover the jungle: villages, wildlife and nature

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Special trips

Photo, documentary, tv, scientific research. We offer complete organization, logistics, local specialized guides for one of the best wild locations in the Amazon.

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You’ll discover marvellous places and help local communities. A different way to see the real Amazon, in a lifetime travel.


The lungs of the world

Why do we talk about the Amazon Forest as the heart of the world rather than its lungs? The Amazon #forest is not a big source of oxygen since the trees consume almost all of it through photosynthesis. Therefore, experts suggest that it is incorrect to describe the Amazon forest as the Lungs of the World. However, […]

The role of banks and civil society in turning Earth into a sustainable, inclusive planet

Banks detain great responsibilities towards the climate change mitigation and environmental protection. In fact, as financial intermediaries, they may affect the environment and the community well- being through asset managing and insurance activities. For instance, many banks often decide to use depositors’ money to invest in the biggest oil and carbon multinationals, slowing down the […]

Everything old is new again: preserving tradition with an ancient craft

Covering a typical Amazon house with a thatched roof is a long, demanding task. The straw is harvested in the forest and brought to the village. Then it is woven on small wooden strips and finally layered and fixed to the roof. In order for the work to be durable over time each layer of […]


  • Perché ecoturismo allo Xixuaú? ti apre la mente, ti rigenera, ti diverti con un pizzico di andrenalina e aiuti a preservare l'ecosistema.

    Stefy F. on Facebook
  • Je porterai toujours la foret du Xixuaú dans mon cœur comme une source de paix.

    Enea R. on TripAdvisor
  • As a single woman, I often travel alone. The whole Xixuaú team was very well organized and the trip was a wonderful adventure.

    Carla W. on TripAdvisor
  • Existem lugares no mundo dos quais não é possível retornar completamente. Um deles é o Xixuaú.

    Lorella V. on Facebook
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