Ecotourism in the community of Xixuaú is one of the Biodiversity Travels guaranteed by WWF and certified by the National Association for Responsible Tourism.

Visit Xixuaú and see for yourself the remarkable, unspoiled beauty of the Amazon.

Ecotourism at Xixuaú offers you a unique opportunity to explore a truly remote region, still pristine and largely unknown, right in the heart of the Amazon rainforest.

Remoteness makes the trip to Xixuaú an extraordinary experience: travelling by boat from Manaus, along the spectacular Rio Negro and then up the Rio Jauaperi you will enter the maze of the Amazon rivers, accompanied by birds and dolphins.

100% community-based, Ecotourism at Xixuaú is owned and managed by local inhabitants, so it offers visitors deep, interactive insight into the local culture while delivering wider community benefits.

To minimize the impact on the environment, the trip is organized for small groups only and all expeditions are made either on foot, paddle canoe or using electric motor boats. Accommodation is in wooden bungalows, built with traditional indigenous techniques and natural resources. Xixuaú sources its waters from a fresh water spring, using a solar powered filtration system and a Biosand technology filter for treatment that then distributes it through a pumping system. A community waste collection and recycling service works all year round.

Today the WWF and the Lonely Planet guide recommend the Xixuaú as one of the best tourist destinations in the Amazon, and it is recognised by various tourism sites all over the world.

Your visit will promote the knowledge and protection of the Amazon forest and sustain the well-being and empowerment of its inhabitants.

For you it will undoubtedly be an unforgettable experience.


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Regional Boat Amazon Trip-river-amazon forest


Xixuaú ao Vivo is a 90-minute interactive online tour in the Xixuaú community, in the Jauaperi National Park, in the Amazon forest, Brazil.

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