What’s the weather like in Xixuaù?

red sunset at Xixuau


The weather is typically equatorial: a mid-temperature around 25 degrees all year long, but it can rise well above 30 degrees.

The temperature barely changes because we are at the Equator. The time the sun rises and sets doesn’t change often, but the water level in rivers can change a lot, with the level rising and lowering by up to 10 meters! The names we give to the seasons are: dry, flooding, flooded, and descending.

In the flooded season, water comes out from the banks of the rivers, and it submerges much of the forest. It is caused by the abundant rains on the Andes, from which the Amazon River originates.

Trees become submerged with water, and we can only see their foliage. This doesn’t kill the tree, however, because they are able to survive and sleep underwater thanks to their great metabolism.

The climate crisis is causing change, with dry seasons longer than before: less humid air is a risk for wildfires, which can get out of control. 

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Photo: Cosetta Casali

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