What are we going to play today?

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All children in the world wonder about that, but what games are the little natives living in the Amazon mostly fond of? 

The river is the best place where to play: the water is shallow, close to the shore, no piranhas there️ and it’s the perfect place to dive in and swim, usually well supervised by their mothers, who do the laundry near the bank. No water games when dusk comes, though, nor in the evening, when the Amazon waters become the realm of caimans!  

Climbing up the trees around the village is certainly a favorite for Amazonian kids, to collect fruit or just for fun! 

On the other hand, the forest is dangerous for children and teens, because of a possible encounter with wild animals, but also because of the great risk of losing their way and getting lost: the paths are barely visible, the jungle is really thick and sometimes pitch dark.  

Soccer is a universal sport and, in the Amazon, a football match is always an opportunity for enthusiasm and collective fun! And when there is no ball there, children usually make a rudimentary one with paper, cloth, and adhesive, so the game can start at last! 

And finally, the native children love to build little wooden boats and make them sail over the river or even chase each other in the rain! 

Would you like to come visit with your whole family? Xixuaú children look forward to new playmates!

Photo: Amazônia archive

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