Saving the Amazon with community-based eco-tourism

Oct 31, 2019 by Red E Category: Press 0 comments Tags: ecotourism

The Swiss magazine Il Corriere degli italiani recently interviewed Amazônia Onlus president Emanuela Evangelista on the activities the association is carrying out in the Xixuaù region.

The situation in the Amazon is critical: fires undermining the existence of the forest, lack of view of the crucial importance it has in contrasting global warming. In this situation, we do our best to implement new projects with the help of the local communities. One of the projects is the community-based ecotourism, which promotes the protection of the forest and supports the livehoods of its inhabitants.

Thanks to Paola Quattrucci for giving us the chance to tell our story and aspirations.

Read the full article from “Il Corriere degli italiani”


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