Amazonian houses

Do Amazonian houses have electricity? What about running water?

Not all the traditional dwellings have electricity, but the great majority does. It’s available only for a few hours a day since it’s provided by a highly polluting diesel power unit. Therefore, they use it for a very limited amount of time.

In the Xixuaú community there are a few solar panels. However, they are used only to communicate to the world via the net and to conduct the projects of our cooperative.

Any locals’ dream is to live in entirely sustainable villages, to ban polluting fuels and to produce clean and renewable energy through photovoltaic systems!

Running water, instead, it’s not available in all the houses. Natives take baths, wash dishes, clothing, and utensils in the river. They find drinkable water at pure and crystal-clear water springs close to the villages, for even more guarantee of salubrity.


Pic by Emiliano Mancuso, Sandro Santioli

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