Do the children of the forest go to school?

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Do the children of the forest go to school? Of course they do! And they really enjoy their classes!

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, the Jauaperi National Park’s schools are currently closed. Usually, children go to school from Monday to Friday and they have lunch at the cafeteria.

Amazonian schools, however, are a little bit special. Imagine little units with just one class where about 20 youngsters of various age are gathered, from kindergarten to fifth class. It a true challenge for the teacher, since he or she has to teach different educational programs for each age group.

Not all the villages have a school and it’s very difficult to commute from a village to another since there are no public transports and the distances are very long. That is why, sometimes, children can’t study and education is not ensured to all the youngsters of the Park.

The pandemic has changed the scholastic routines a lot. To prevent possible infections, the kids stay at home, but they have no internet. They study and do their homework following the teacher’s instructions. Not all of them are lucky enough to be helped by their parents, because they usually are illiterate, or they studied for just few years of elementary school.

Among the tasks of our partner Amazônia Onlus there is also the support of the school care system in the Jauaperi villages, collecting funds to build or renovate schools, provide for school supplies, in order to ensure the children of the forest a better future!

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