The Crucial Role of Sustainable Travel in Preserving the Amazon Rainforest

The Amazon Rainforest, often referred to as the “heart of the Earth,” is a vital ecosystem that plays a critical role in maintaining global climate stability and supporting a vast array of biodiversity. However, this invaluable natural treasure is facing unprecedented threats due to deforestation, illegal logging and unsustainable practices. In this context, sustainable travel […]

What are we going to play today?

Oct 31, 2023 by Team Amazonia Onlus Category: News 0 comments Tags: amazon, children, fun, river, soccer, trees, water

  All children in the world wonder about that, but what games are the little natives living in the Amazon mostly fond of?  The river is the best place where to play: the water is shallow, close to the shore, no piranhas there️ and it’s the perfect place to dive in and swim, usually well […]

What should we know about the Caboclos?

Aug 02, 2021 by Red E Category: News 0 comments Tags: amazon, caboclos, forest, jauaperi, life, natives, xixuau

The 14 villages of the Jauaperi National Park are inhabited by the native Caboclos. What should we know about them? First of all, it’s important not to confuse them with the indigenous people. The word Caboclo literally means “inhabitant of the forest” and it refers to a traditional population – typical of the rural areas […]

Amazonian houses

Do Amazonian houses have electricity? What about running water? Not all the traditional dwellings have electricity, but the great majority does. It’s available only for a few hours a day since it’s provided by a highly polluting diesel power unit. Therefore, they use it for a very limited amount of time. In the Xixuaú community there […]