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The role of banks and civil society in turning Earth into a sustainable, inclusive planet

Banks detain great responsibilities towards the climate change mitigation and environmental protection. In fact, as financial intermediaries, they may affect the environment and the community well- being through asset managing and insurance activities. For instance, many banks often decide to use depositors’ money to invest in the biggest oil and carbon multinationals, slowing down the […]

Everything old is new again: preserving tradition with an ancient craft

Covering a typical Amazon house with a thatched roof is a long, demanding task. The straw is harvested in the forest and brought to the village. Then it is woven on small wooden strips and finally layered and fixed to the roof. In order for the work to be durable over time each layer of […]

Deforestation and pandemic in Brazil – the Amazon Forest in flames

The current COVID-19 pandemic has been aggravating the situation of deforestation in the Amazon, further endangering the survival of poor people and indigenous communities. Brazil is currently the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic, with nearly 80 K deaths and more than 2 million cases. With the fire season that is about to arrive, their effects will further […]

Brazil: Amazonians hit hard by Covid19

The new coronavirus poses a deadly threat to the indigenous people of the Amazon. An Italian NGO is at the forefront of the fight against the pandemic. New infections and new deaths occur every day in Brazil but the Amazon region is the highest risk region. The virus is spreading with great speed, 90% of […]

How we work for Goal #1: End poverty in all its forms everywhere

Xixuau Amazon Ecolodge pursues the Sustainable Development Goals! How we work for Goal #1:  End poverty in all its forms everywhere In 2009, with the twofold objective of preserving the region and offering new economic opportunities to its inhabitants, our partner Amazônia Onlus promoted the creation of a local cooperative at Xixuaú, in the Lower […]


February 17, 2020, Quirinale Palace, Rome. The ceremony for the appointment of Officer of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic to Emanuela Evangelista was held. “For her constant commitment, internationally, to environmental protection, the protection of indigenous peoples and the fight against deforestation” these are the words of the President of the Republic […]

Solo Travel

Travelling solo can be one of the most exciting, liberating and eye-opening experiences, no matter your age. It offers ample opportunity for self-reflection and growth and boundless freedom.

Fantastic, intelligent and curious pink Amazon dolphins

Feb 03, 2020 by Red E Category: News 0 comments

The Amazon river dolphin is the largest species of river dolphin, with adult males reaching 185 kilograms (408 lb) in weight, and 2.5 meters (8.2 ft) in length. Adults acquire a pink color, more prominent in males, giving it its nickname “pink river dolphin”. Sexual dimorphism is very evident, with males measuring 16% longer and […]

The wonderful tucans at Xixuaú

The colorful and large bill, which in some large species measures more than half the length of the body, is the hallmark of toucans. Despite its size, the toucan’s bill is very light, is a highly efficient thermoregulation system. It also helps their feeding behavior, as they sit in one spot and reach for all […]

Learn about the Amazonian ‘Casa de Farinha’

The flour house (casa de farinha, in Portuguese) is the place where cassava becomes flour, an ingredient used in the manufacture of various foods from the North and Northeast of Brazil. The raw material for making cassava flour (jatropha manihot) is a plant of the Euphorbia family, a well-known tuber grown and traditionally used by […]

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