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Discover the delicious fruits of the Amazon rainforest!

  In the heart of the wild and uncontaminated nature, the Amazonian populations have the incredible opportunity to collect an enormous variety of fresh, natural, and genuine fruits. Here every bite is a sensory journey through the biodiversity of the forest. We range from Amazonian nuts from the forest, rich in precious nutrients, to cupuaçu […]

The Crucial Role of Sustainable Travel in Preserving the Amazon Rainforest

The Amazon Rainforest, often referred to as the “heart of the Earth,” is a vital ecosystem that plays a critical role in maintaining global climate stability and supporting a vast array of biodiversity. However, this invaluable natural treasure is facing unprecedented threats due to deforestation, illegal logging and unsustainable practices. In this context, sustainable travel […]

What are we going to play today?

Oct 31, 2023 by Team Amazonia Onlus Category: News 0 comments Tags: amazon, children, fun, river, soccer, trees, water

  All children in the world wonder about that, but what games are the little natives living in the Amazon mostly fond of?  The river is the best place where to play: the water is shallow, close to the shore, no piranhas there️ and it’s the perfect place to dive in and swim, usually well […]

What’s the weather like in Xixuaù?

  The weather is typically equatorial: a mid-temperature around 25 degrees all year long, but it can rise well above 30 degrees. The temperature barely changes because we are at the Equator. The time the sun rises and sets doesn’t change often, but the water level in rivers can change a lot, with the level […]

Fostering Environmental Education: Xixuaú Amazon Ecolodge Welcomes the”River of Light” Project

  A Journey of Knowledge, Collaboration, and Sustainable Change in the heart of the Amazon rainforest. The Xixuaú Amazon Ecolodge, the community-based ecotourism lodge run by CoopXixuaú, is delighted to host the educators and assistants of the “River of Light” environmental education project in the enchanting village of Xixuaú. This collaborative effort is igniting a […]

What is regenerative travel?

    More and more frequently we hear about regenerative travel, but what is it? Regenerative travel is a concept that emphasizes the positive impact of travel on the environment, local communities and cultural heritage. It involves taking steps to restore and regenerate natural ecosystems and cultural heritage sites, while providing economic and social benefits […]

Seven interesting predictions for creative reconstruction in 2023

  Booking.com has recently released its most comprehensive survey of travel trends. According to Booking: ‘if 2022 was about the triumphant return of travel, 2023 will be about creatively reimagining it amidst the chaos. Nothing will be out of the question, and everything is on the “menu”, as everyone is looking to find the right […]

What do the Ribeirinhos eat?

  Other than rice, beans and fish, the Amazon natives also eat various vegetables, seeds and other fruits they come across in the forest. Their diet revolves mainly around fishing, hunting, and family agriculture. It might seem repetitive, but a lot of their diet varies depending on the season – mangos only ripe at a […]

Where do the natives live?

  The typical dwelling of the inhabitants of the Amazon is the palafitte, called Maloca in the native language: a hut in wooden boards, with the roof of leaves positioned close to each other to create an almost waterproof cover.   A light, spacious structure – the families are often very numerous! – and particularly suited to […]

Animals and everyday life in the forest

  In the Amazon, biodiversity is high and the natives have learnt to live with the plethora of animal species that dwell in the forest, so much so that they’re now used to amazing close encounters. Insects are habitual guests in native households! Stick insects, butterflies and mantises are frequently found in the house – […]