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Ageless adventures for senior travellers at Xixuaú

Oct 13, 2019 by Red E Category: News 0 comments Tags: amazontripfamily

Why not try a trip to the Amazon Forest? The most common retirement dream — shared among 70% of workers — is to travel the world. But today’s senior tourists are more experience-driven than previous generations. Retirement is the perfect time to enjoy travel, with the constraints of busy working lives a thing of the past. We offer a tour […]

Planning a family trip? Come to Xixuaú!

Combining adventure and education, a trip to Xixuaú could well be the perfect family holiday. From Manaus, a boat ride will take you to our village, deep in the heart of the Amazon, where adventure and amazing wildlife are guaranteed. You and the kids will stay in one of our wooden lodges and experience the […]

Beautiful sandy beaches in the Amazon

Aug 20, 2019 by Red E Category: News 0 comments Tags: amazon beaches, xixuau ecolodge

Like every year, it’s time for the water in the rivers to go down. In a couple of months visitors at Xixuaú Amazon Ecolodge will be able to enjoy the kilometric beaches of the Jauaperi River. Our guests can sunbathe, swim, take long walks and drink a nice aperitif at sunset…. The Jauaperí River is […]

Ecotourism is the answer

Jul 17, 2019 by Red E Category: Amazonia, News 0 comments Tags: community, ecotourism, rainforest

  Media refer to overtourism, as if it came from the concept of travel (even if it is just a small part of it). But it’s not true. Overtourism is totally unsustainable  and we should take care of it.  Unfortunately, policy responses are, sometimes, as inconsidered as the problem they are meant to solve. Overtourism […]

How did we start fishing?

Jul 15, 2019 by Red E Category: News 0 comments Tags: Foresta, rainforest

The answer is apparently in our “hairy” ancestors. Millions of years ago, they started to explore underwater to catch small fishes and crustaceans. According to a research carried on observing chimps and published on the Journal of Human Evolution, these animals were looking for a more equilibrated diet in order to grow and to enhance brain […]

A film crew at Xixuau

Jun 12, 2019 by Red E Category: News 0 comments

This month at Xixuaú we hosted a film production troupe from New Zealand. The Mediawave Productions is working on a feature film about the devastation that is occurring in the Amazon and it features our projects and the inhabitants of Xixuaú as a living example that protecting the rainforest is possible. We had a lot […]

The wonderful flooded forest

Jun 03, 2019 by Red E Category: News 0 comments Tags: Acque alte, Allagamento, Foresta

Large areas of forest are submerged in the Jauaperi Reserve, where the level of the rivers is rising, making the landscape even more fascinating! Every year the forests in the Amazon are covered with water that overflows from the riverbed. This phenomenon, caused by heavy seasonal rains, forms the largest system of alluvial forests on […]

Brazil Nut

    It’s harvest time! Good and nutritious, the Brazil Nut represents for the native populations an opportunity for income, work and conservation of biodiversity. Brazil nuts are an excellent source of dietary fiber and various vitamins and dietary minerals. At Xixuau, Amazônia Onlus supports the development of a fair and transparent production chain, which fosters […]

A new path for our guests

Amazônia Onlus supports the community based ecotourism at Xixuau with maintenance work and improvement of the Xixuau Amazon Ecolodge. Recently, we have built a new path that connects the bungalows to the Community ‘Maloca’. There, guests eat the delicious meals prepared by the CoopXixuau cooks and meet their guides before leaving for excursions. Discover the […]

Saving the Amazon turtles

Jan 18, 2019 by Red E Category: News 0 comments

It is the spawning season for river turtles, and we are at work! The activities foreseen by the Amazon turtle protection project and support to the natives of the Jauaperi Reserve are under way. During the entire spawning season, surveillance of the breeding sites and monitoring of the species is carried out in their most […]

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