How we work for Goal #1: End poverty in all its forms everywhere

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Xixuau Amazon Ecolodge pursues the Sustainable Development Goals!

How we work for Goal #1:  End poverty in all its forms everywhere

In 2009, with the twofold objective of preserving the region and offering new economic opportunities to its inhabitants, our partner Amazônia Onlus promoted the creation of a local cooperative at Xixuaú, in the Lower Rio Branco-Rio Jauaperi National Park. Today, the CoopXixuaú, made up exclusively of natives, manages various commercial activities including ecotourism, the sale of non-wood products from the forest and crafts.

Ecotourism at Xixuau Amazon Ecolodge generates direct income for more than 50 people from 7 indigenous villages and indirect earnings to other communities along the Jauaperi River. The CoopXixuaú manages the community ecotourism project with a team of fully trained and competent local staff.

They organize the reception of the visitors in Manaus and their transport to the Xixuaú village, and provide ongoing hospitality services.

By traveling with us you will be supporting environmental conservation and social development, improving the quality of life of the ‘Ribeirinho’ population and helping to protect approximately 600 thousand hectares of tropical forest.

We take care of nature, we take care of you!

Photo: Pino Ninfa.

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