Fostering Environmental Education: Xixuaú Amazon Ecolodge Welcomes the”River of Light” Project


A Journey of Knowledge, Collaboration, and Sustainable Change in the heart of the Amazon rainforest.

The Xixuaú Amazon Ecolodge, the community-based ecotourism lodge run by CoopXixuaú, is delighted to host the educators and assistants of the “River of Light” environmental education project in the enchanting village of Xixuaú. This collaborative effort is igniting a spark of awareness that has the potential to illuminate not only Xixuaú but also the entire region along the Jauaperi River.


Bridging Minds and Nature

The “River of Light” project is a testament to the profound impact that education can have on preserving delicate ecosystems. The project’s vision aligns seamlessly with CoopXixuaú’s commitment to ecotourism and sustainability. By sharing knowledge about the intricate web of life in the rainforest, the educators are helping bridge the gap between traditional wisdom and contemporary understanding. Through engaging lessons and hands-on experiences, they are nurturing a generation of environmentally conscious individuals who will serve as guardians of the rainforest’s future.

Capturing Moments, Sharing Wisdom

We are excited to share captivating photos of the “River of Light” lessons, which cover a range of topics, from biodiversity and conservation to sustainable practices and the delicate balance that sustains the rainforest.

Gratitude and Collaboration

The success of the “River of Light” project would not have been possible without the unwavering support of our valued partners. The project is the result of the collaboration between the education departments of Amazonas and Roraima, ICMBio, CoopXixuaú, Amazônia and Amazon Charitable Trust, with the support of Rothoblaas, Trentino Insieme, Fosit, Riccio Giramondo and Torchiani Servizi Ecologici.

A special thank-you to Renata Almeida, the project’s environmental educator, and INPA, FAS for the donation of teaching materials!

This collaborative effort is a shining example of what can be achieved when diverse entities come together with a shared purpose.

A Ripple of Change

Xixuaú is the first village of the project. It will go on carrying out environmental education actions in the 10 schools of the Lower Rio Branco-Jauaperi Reserve to disseminate the value of the forest, its conservation and traditional knowledge, waste management and its proper disposal and the measures necessary to prevent pollution of river waters. The lessons learned, the connections forged, and the knowledge shared will flow downstream, fostering a culture of conservation and sustainable living.

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