The wonderful flooded forest

Jun 03, 2019 by Red E Category: News 0 comments Tags: Acque alte, Allagamento, Foresta

Large areas of forest are submerged in the Jauaperi Reserve, where the level of the rivers is rising, making the landscape even more fascinating!

Every year the forests in the Amazon are covered with water that overflows from the riverbed. This phenomenon, caused by heavy seasonal rains, forms the largest system of alluvial forests on Earth and causes a drastic change in the river environment. Due to the vastness of the Amazon basin and its labyrinthine structure, different parts of the river system are submerged at different times, like a large tide that floods and enriches the forest every year. But how can a tree survive underwater for so many months? The trees of the Amazon show a huge variety of adaptations and different survival strategies. Many of them have a high tolerance range that allows photosynthesis to continue underwater. Others have leaves that, although submerged, maintain their vitality despite the almost complete darkness under water. Furthermore, many seeds remain “in hibernation” as long as they are covered by water. And many other skills that science has not yet explained.

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