Saving the Amazon turtles

amazon river turtle

amazon river turtle

It is the spawning season for river turtles, and we are at work!

The activities foreseen by the Amazon turtle protection project and support to the natives of the Jauaperi Reserve are under way. During the entire spawning season, surveillance of the breeding sites and monitoring of the species is carried out in their most delicate reproduction phase.

The main species of Amazonian chelones (Podocnemis erythrocephala, P. sextuberculata, P. unifilis, P. dumeriliana, P. expansa) are threatened with extinction mainly due to the illegal trafficking of meat and eggs. The most effective protection strategy is to guarantee its reproductive success, protecting the eggs and the newborn babies, so that they can leave the deposition sites (the beaches) and safely reach their development environment (the river).

Following the standard methodology of the Brazilian Ministry of the Environment (IBAMA) and in collaboration with the local association AARJ (Associação do Artesão do Rio Jauaperi), the project involves 6 local communities, generating new income for the families of the region.

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