Planning a family trip? Come to Xixuaú!

Combining adventure and education, a trip to Xixuaú could well be the perfect family holiday. From Manaus, a boat ride will take you to our village, deep in the heart of the Amazon, where adventure and amazing wildlife are guaranteed. You and the kids will stay in one of our wooden lodges and experience the local lifestyle firsthand, as well as discover the wonders of the forest and the rivers of the biggest jungle in our planet.

Highlights include camping under the stars, rowing a canoe and learning to fish the ‘caboclo’ way.

The kids will also experience unforgettable encounters with the legendary wildlife of the jungle, from sloths to monkeys and macaws. According to the time of the year, they will walk and paddle through the forest or play and swim in the sandy beaches, and even help on the turtle conservation project. Even when they are in the village, they won’t have the chance to get bored: children in the community can’t wait to make new playmates.

Xixuau is safe: even if we live in the middle of the forest, we don’t forget to take care of our visitors. You and your loved ones will be safely accompanied in every quest by local expert guides and the chanting sounds of the jungle.

Xixuaú is a wonderful family holiday destination – a place where both adults and children can grow up a little and take home a legacy of happy memories.

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