Towards reopening!

bungalow comunitario xixuau

Due to the pandemic, our ecolodge is not operating at the moment but nonetheless we keep up with maintenance!

The Jauaperi National Park has been closed to visitors since March 2020, but Mother Earth does not stop working: our ecolodge is located right in the heart of the Amazon Forest, where nature is mighty and expansive, therefore we must run ordinary and extraordinary maintenance work to keep the lodge in perfect conditions!

Ordinary tasks are cleaning the bungalows and surrounding areas, grass cutting, repairing the thatched roof of the communal ‘maloca’, clearing the tourist trekking paths, cleaning and repairing the motorboats, among others.

Every year there are also a few extraordinary tasks to be done, so we fixed the stairways of the bungalows, as well as the platform and the access ladder from the pier to the land. We checked and fixed all the hydraulic connections and the electric wiring. We also sent the village’s genset to Manaus to repair.

There was also a demanding, urgent job: repairing the Certeza, our 160 hp river boat.  It was taken to the Manaus shipyard for general repair, replacement of a few parts and repainting of the hull. The work was completed by the members of the CoopXixuau, who repainted the upper parts of the boat, thus obtaining an income opportunity for the cooperative.

There is still a great deal of extraordinary work to be done on account of the flood that hit the Park in May. The flood caused widespread damage to the whole area and also to the lodge, so in the next few months we will be repairing the wooden walkways, fixing toilets, and rebuilding the trash deposit. We will also replace all the linen of the lodge, which was rendered unusable.


We would like to thank all the private donors and partners who have contributed to all this work: 

FOSIT – Federazione delle ONG della Svizzera Italiana

Associazione Riccio Giramondo

Amazon Charitable Trust

Amazônia Onlus

Associazione Trentino Insieme

Comune di Lanuvio

Associazione Foreste per Sempre

cleaning bungalow xixuau ecolodge
boat cleaning xixuau ecolodge
certeza boat before painting
certeza boat after paitning
working in the certeza boat
preparing wood for repairing lodge
crew xixuau ecolodge

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