Everyday life at Xixuaú


Many of you ask us what the daily activities of the inhabitants of the Amazon are, in particular what tasks are performed by the men and women of the villages of the RESEX Lower Rio Branco Jauaperi.

In a such complex context, the main job for everyone is survival: men must hunt for food and women cook it to feed the whole family. Both activities take up many hours of the day and there is little time left to do anything else…

In many villages, schools are run by local teachers and some blacksmiths build houses, roofs and canoes.

Ecotourism is one of the most important activities for the local economy and we hope that soon it can reopen for the 2022 tourist season! When new visitors arrive, everyone has work to do: some go fishing, others cook, some clean the Ecolodge, others guide tourists on the river and in the forest, and many build crafts that tourists can take home as souvenirs.

Many of the inhabitants of the park are actively involved in sustainable development projects and activities aimed at ensuring the future of the Amazon forest!



Pic by Riccardo Scibetta


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