Beautiful sandy beaches in the Amazon

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river beach


Like every year, it’s time for the water in the rivers to go down. In a couple of months visitors at Xixuaú Amazon Ecolodge will be able to enjoy the kilometric beaches of the Jauaperi River. Our guests can sunbathe, swim, take long walks and drink a nice aperitif at sunset….

The Jauaperí River is a Brazilian Amazon River, a tributary of the lower course of the Río Negro. It runs through the state of Roraima and the state of Amazonas. It has a total length of 530 km. Every year, with the melting of the Andes and the rainy season in the Amazon region, the river level rises about ten meters, reaching its peak between June and July.

When the waters go down (October to February), beautiful beaches emerge with fine sand and crystal water.

The hydrological cycle influences the formation of rivers and the social and economic life of the peoples of the Brazilian Amazon region.

Photo: Daniele Bonfatti

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