Animals and everyday life in the forest

tucano on a tree at xixuau


In the Amazon, biodiversity is high and the natives have learnt to live with the plethora of animal species that dwell in the forest, so much so that they’re now used to amazing close encounters.

Insects are habitual guests in native households! Stick insects, butterflies and mantises are frequently found in the house – that’s why Caboclos always check the insides of their shoes before putting them on.

It often happens that people turn their bedroom light on and find themselves facing a tarantula.

Armadillos can be found near the house at night, but they’re usually scared off by the dogs. Jaguars are not usually found near houses, either.

Caimans, on the other hand, can be spotted in rivers next to traditional houses, but natives are much more likely to come across them when gutting fish, when doing the laundry or at night – they just need to aim their torches at the water surface and the light reflects on the eyes of the huge reptiles, before they dive again!


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