What are we going to play today?

Oct 31, 2023 by Team Amazonia Onlus Category: News 0 comments Tags: amazon, children, fun, river, soccer, trees, water

  All children in the world wonder about that, but what games are the little natives living in the Amazon mostly fond of?  The river is the best place where to play: the water is shallow, close to the shore, no piranhas there️ and it’s the perfect place to dive in and swim, usually well […]

What’s the weather like in Xixuaù?

  The weather is typically equatorial: a mid-temperature around 25 degrees all year long, but it can rise well above 30 degrees. The temperature barely changes because we are at the Equator. The time the sun rises and sets doesn’t change often, but the water level in rivers can change a lot, with the level […]

Many trees do NOT make a forest

Many trees do NOT make a forest. And NOT all forests are the same! The older they are, the better they can absorb carbon dioxide and provide important ecosystem services. Ancient forests are the cradle of biodiversity. They store and carry huge quantities of fresh water; they protect the coasts from floods and prevent soil erosion […]