Animals and everyday life in the forest

  In the Amazon, biodiversity is high and the natives have learnt to live with the plethora of animal species that dwell in the forest, so much so that they’re now used to amazing close encounters. Insects are habitual guests in native households! Stick insects, butterflies and mantises are frequently found in the house – […]

What should we know about the Caboclos?

Aug 02, 2021 by Red E Category: News 0 comments Tags: amazon, caboclos, forest, jauaperi, life, natives, xixuau

The 14 villages of the Jauaperi National Park are inhabited by the native Caboclos. What should we know about them? First of all, it’s important not to confuse them with the indigenous people. The word Caboclo literally means “inhabitant of the forest” and it refers to a traditional population – typical of the rural areas […]