Fostering Environmental Education: Xixuaú Amazon Ecolodge Welcomes the”River of Light” Project

  A Journey of Knowledge, Collaboration, and Sustainable Change in the heart of the Amazon rainforest. The Xixuaú Amazon Ecolodge, the community-based ecotourism lodge run by CoopXixuaú, is delighted to host the educators and assistants of the “River of Light” environmental education project in the enchanting village of Xixuaú. This collaborative effort is igniting a […]

Animals and everyday life in the forest

  In the Amazon, biodiversity is high and the natives have learnt to live with the plethora of animal species that dwell in the forest, so much so that they’re now used to amazing close encounters. Insects are habitual guests in native households! Stick insects, butterflies and mantises are frequently found in the house – […]

ABC, an unprecedented scientific expedition

Mission successfully accomplished: a group of 24 researchers reached the Jauaperi National Park last December!  The team, based in Xixuaú and led by prof. Carlos Peres of the National Research Institute in Amazonia (INPA), brought together researchers from numerous Brazilian institutions including the famous Emilio Goeldi Museum in Belém and the federal universities of Amazonas, […]

Many trees do NOT make a forest

Many trees do NOT make a forest. And NOT all forests are the same! The older they are, the better they can absorb carbon dioxide and provide important ecosystem services. Ancient forests are the cradle of biodiversity. They store and carry huge quantities of fresh water; they protect the coasts from floods and prevent soil erosion […]