The heart of the world

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Why do we talk about the Amazon Forest as the heart of the world rather than its lungs?

The Amazon forest is not a big source of oxygen since the trees consume almost all of it through photosynthesis. Therefore, experts suggest that it is incorrect to describe the Amazon forest as the Lungs of the World.
However, the Amazon forest is of crucial importance for the biodiversity and the climate regulation of the American continent and the World as a whole.

The rainforest absorbs about 15% of the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, and the current #deforestation is causing danger and an ecological catastrophe.
People around the world, as well as locally, depend on the Amazon. Not just for food, water, woods, and medicines, but to help stabilize the climate, for it plays a critical role in global and regional carbon and water cycles.

We cannot tackle the climate crisis without the Amazon’s vital life-sustaining role, so we choose to refer to the Amazon forest as the Earth’s Heart.

Check out how the Xixuau Amazon Ecolodge operates to help the inhabitants of the Jauaperi River, in the Brazilian Amazon.

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